My name is Brittany Hoogenboom and this is my story.

I am a Spiritual Advisor & Intuitive Tarot Reader for Synergy Soul and also co-founder of HealthySkin.Care

When women speak of changes happening to your body as you near your 30’s, they are not lying. From the minute I gave birth to my son in 2013 until summer of 2018, I struggled with significant hormone imbalances. Although I experienced many symptoms, acne was not one of them, until January 2018.

It started with just a few cystic spots but gradually got worse as the months went on.

I tried everything from supplements to balance my hormones, made changes to what I ate and drank even though I had already had a clean diet, used all different kinds of skin care although nothing was working.

Mid-summer 2018 I found a supplement called Natural Shilajit resin through a friend who had been taking it and one of the many benefits included hormone balancing. I started to incorporate it into my daily regimen after connecting to the Natural Shilajit company my girlfriend had been taking.

Within weeks I started to notice a difference in my skin and less PMS symptoms around my menstrual cycle.

I connected with the owner of the Natural Shilajit, Andrey, and signed up to be an ambassador because I was so pleased with the outcome and wanted other people to know about how beneficial Shilajit was. In the process, I had also started to apply the resin mixed with other natural ingredients directly to my face as a mask and acne spot treatment.

My results were very drastic and I could not believe how quickly my skin had begun to completely clear up

after incorporating Shilajit into my skincare and supplement regimen. Being that I had never struggled from acne previously I was amazed by the journey I had just gone on and reached out to Andrey to ask if he was interested in co-creating a skin care line using Shilajit due to my results. He immediately said yes, as he was already thinking of creating such a line.

2018 went from a struggle with acne to birthing a new company that will support the journey of many others who wish to connect to natural skin care to improve the overall health of their skin.

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